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Girls Festival

“Girls Festival” is celebrated on March 3rd to pray for the growth and happiness of children.

At Hataman Toen, we continue to make porcelain hina dolls while carefully passing on the history and traditional techniques of the Nabeshima clan kiln to the next generation.

The craftsmen of Hataman Pottery, who have inherited the exquisite technique of Imari Nabeshima ware, have carefully painted the hina dolls, including the auspicious patterns on the kimonos, the gorgeously colored kimonos, and the unique expressions on each face. is.

The Imperial Prince's decoration, which displays two dolls of the lord and the princess as a pair, the storage decoration that comes as a set with a storage box that can be used as a display stand, the "Kokeshi Hina" which is an arrangement of Kokeshi dolls, the small "Mame Hina" which is only 3 centimeters long, and the Hina doll. We have a variety of porcelain dolls to celebrate the Peach Festival, including the utensil ``inubako.''

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