Credit Card Payment

When you place an order, you will be asked to enter your credit card number and the payment will be processed in real time.

Cards that can be used

Visa/Master/JCB/American Express/Diners/Discover

Number of payments

One-time payment: lump sum only.


From the next month onwards, payments will be based on the rules of each credit card company.

Total payment amount when credit card is selected

Product total amount + shipping fee

Be careful

  • As a general rule, we do not send credit card receipts for security reasons. We will keep the usage statement sent by the credit card company.
  • Depending on the customer's usage situation, etc., we may ask you to change to another payment method.
  • If paying by credit card, we will authorize your card on our website at the time of your order. Please note that the use of the card and the order cannot be confirmed without this authorization. Depending on the result, you may not be able to use credit card payment.
  • Credit cards issued overseas may not be used. Please note. * Credit cards issued outside of Japan are not accepted.
  • We only accept credit cards in the name of the person who placed the order.
  • We do not support cash on delivery (a system where you pay the fee in cash at the door when the product is delivered).

Other Payment Methods

PayPal/Amazon Pay/Rakuten Pay/PayPay/Apple Pay/Google Pay/LINE Pay/Shop Pay

  • Please check the manual, terms of use, conditions, etc. of each payment service before using.

Express Checkout

Express Checkout is a payment method that uses the above payment brands and accounts, and is a service that enables speedy and safe payment without the need to enter customer information.

  • The payment account services displayed for the above Express Checkout differ depending on the environment (device, OS, browser, etc.) you are using.

Bank Transfer (payment in advance)

Please make a payment to the designated account within 7 days after placing your order. The shipment of the product will be arranged after payment is confirmed, so please select "Do not wish" for the delivery date, or specify it with plenty of time. If you do not specify a delivery date, we will deliver the product as soon as possible. In addition, the transfer fee will be borne by the customer.

About Exchange

Exchange rates will be applied to customers who make payments from outside Japan or who use cards issued overseas. This exchange rate will incur a currency conversion fee set by the payment service used by the customer, the credit card payment service, and the credit card. This fee is not the fee charged by our online shop, but the fee incurred by the credit card company or other payment service used by the customer. Therefore, the date and time rate will be applied at the time of purchase and at the timing of the refund, and there may be a difference in price. Please note that our online shop cannot take any responsibility for this matter.

  • In many cases, the rate is set independently by each service and fluctuates daily.

About Import Duties

If you order products using international shipping, they may be opened and inspected by customs and may be subject to import duties and taxes imposed when the shipment reaches the specified destination. increase. Customer will be responsible for payment of such import duties and taxes. Please note that we have no control over these charges and cannot predict their amounts. For more information, please contact your local customs office before placing your order. Please also note that you must comply with all applicable laws and regulations of the country/region to which the product is being shipped. We will not be held responsible for any such violations of law by you.