Peach festival


Peach festival to pray for the healthy growth of children and ward off misfortune

The Hinamatsuri on March 3 , also known as the "Momo no Sekku" or "Yayoi no Sekku," was originally one of the five seasonal festivals, the "Joshi no Sekku." This day was considered a mourning day in ancient China, and people used to cleanse their bodies at the waterside to exorcise evil spirits.

It was introduced to Japan around the Heian period, and became an event of ”nagashibina”, where dirt and paper dolls were removed and washed away in water. .

Sarasa white chrysanthemum design, Genji dolls

The Shinnōkazari is a pair of Hina Dolls with male and female dolls.

This became a seasonal festival, and in the Edo period, samurai families and aristocrats began to beautifully decorate hina dolls to celebrate. This custom has been established in ordinary households since the Meiji era, and even today it is passed down as a traditional Japanese culture to pray for the healthy growth of children and to ward off evil.

Hina dolls of Hataman Touen that inherit the tradition

At Hataman Touen, we continue to make porcelain Hina dolls while carefully handing down the history and traditional techniques of the Nabeshima clan kiln to the next generation.

Craftsmen of Hataman Touen, who inherited the sophisticated techniques of Imari Nabeshima ware, carefully painted each and every one of them with a tasteful taste, such as celebratory patterns, gorgeously colored kimono expressions, and facial expressions that differ one by one. am.


A Shinnokazari that displays a pair of dolls, a lord and a princess, a set of storage boxes that can be used as a display stand, "Kokeshi dolls" arranged with kokeshi dolls, small "Mamebina" dolls that are only 3 cm, and Hina dolls. We offer a variety of porcelain dolls to celebrate the Peach Festival, such as the utensil "Inubako".

Kokeshi doll set with auspicious sentences

Storage decoration with popular kokeshi dolls and dog box set

Hina dolls that arranged Kokeshi dolls "Kokeshi Hina"

Hataman Touen's kokeshi dolls are adorable with their rounded shapes and gentle expressions.

The pattern of the kimono is decorated with auspicious patterns such as peonies and plums, and it is carefully painted with deep and emotional colors. You can enjoy it casually even in a small space such as the entrance as a seasonal decoration.

Kokeshi dolls with plum blossoms

Kokeshi dolls with peonies

Safe childbirth protection, talisman against misfortune Hina decoration "Inubako"

Inubako is also called otogiinu or tonoinu, and is a male or female dog with a face resembling that of an infant and a recumbent body. A pair of dolls.

It was used as a talisman for safe childbirth, and to pray for good health for infants after a safe delivery. This doll has been loved as a family heirloom for generations.

Shochikubai Gold color Dog box (Large)

White Chrysanthemum Design, Peony Design Gold Dog Box (Small)

The bangs are tied with mizuhiki, and the celebratory pattern is beautifully colored to express auspicious wishes. The small size can be used as an ornament, and the large size dog box can be used as a lid.

Small hina dolls of only 3 cm

At Hataman Touen, we have a wide variety of Hina dolls, but how about the small "Mamebina" and "Mini Kokeshi dolls" that are about 3 centimeters long?

A skilled craftsman paints one by one, and the kimono and expression are slightly different, so it is a lovely hina doll.

Plum Blossom Bean Hina Dolls (Green/Red)

Mamebina with cherry blossom pattern (Uguisu, red)


Bamboo cherry blossom mini kokeshi dolls

Kobana mini kokeshi dolls

mini kokeshi dolls

Small items that decorate the Hinamatsuri banquet

We also have a lot of small items that you want to use at the celebration table.
It is also recommended if you are looking for a gift other than Hina dolls to celebrate the Peach Festival.

Cloud Pattern Dog Plate (Small)

Kinsai Hina lid

Kumihimo knot, peach flower pattern, lid

Dog dish / Hina lidamono / Peach flower design lid

Event Information

Hataman Touen's Hinamatsuri Exhibition

January 2nd (Mon) – March 3rd (Fri), 2023

Hina dolls are generally said to be best displayed around the beginning of spring, when the sun is calm and the weather is beautiful. No matter how old you are, the excitement you feel when you take out your precious Hina dolls is something that makes you happy.

At Hataman Toen head office showroom, "Hina Exhibition" is being held from January 2nd (Monday) to March 3rd (Friday).
There is also information about new products. Please take a look at the Hina dolls of Hataman Touen.

Doll exhibition