Rim Mug

Rim Mug

A new way to enjoy coffee and tea


“I would like to delve deeper into the aroma and the comfort of drinking.”


With that in mind, the development of this mug began.

In order to create pottery unique to Hataman Toen that will please everyone who uses it, we sought advice from coffee and fragrance specialists such as baristas and perfumers, and also molds for shape development, fabric making craftsmen, and new We proceeded with the development together with glaze and paint specialists and designers to create expressions.

While repeating prototypes, we actually used it and made revisions repeatedly until we arrived at this form.

Please enjoy the special scent and texture that creates a relaxing moment.


Commitment to fragrance, mouthfeel, and comfort


In the design of mugs, the shape of the body called "barrel type" with a narrow mouth that traps the aroma is excellent for enjoying the aroma of coffee. On the other hand, as for the mouthfeel, the expansive “trumpet shape” allows the drink to flow into the mouth moderately.

In order to balance the two contradictory elements, we created a thickness called “motase” at the mouth, and finished it with a thin finish typical of Hataman Touen. I came up with a new shape to give birth.

In addition, by arranging the handle with a focus on finger grips at the bottom of the body, the balance of the center of gravity is lowered as much as possible, and it is devised to reduce the excessive load on the fingers even when drinks enter.


Tradition and challenge of Imari Nabeshima ware, which contains rich nature in the vessel


Okawachiyama, the village of secret kilns in Imari, Saga Prefecture.

It was once the official kiln of the Nabeshima clan, and has continued to produce porcelain for about 350 years.

At Hataman Touen, we are particular about the delicate painting of Nabeshima ware with a natural motif and the thin white fabric that complements it. .

Furthermore, in order to create products that suit modern lifestyles, we are boldly taking on the challenge of incorporating new techniques and expressions without being content with tradition.

Inheriting tradition and challenging innovation. Hataman Touen strives to create the tradition of the next generation through the creation of pottery that enriches people's lives.