Number of days until delivery (domestic delivery)

If no delivery date is specified

  • As a general rule, after receiving an order, it will be shipped within 7 business days, and if there is no delivery designation, it will be shipped as soon as possible.

In the case of specifying the delivery date

  • You can specify after the 10th day from the order date.
  • If you are in a hurry, please fill in the remarks column. We will do our best to accommodate you.
  • There are areas where the delivery time zone cannot be specified.
  • Delivery to long distances and holidays will take longer than usual.

Other notes

  • We will contact you in advance if it takes time to deliver.
  • Please note that we cannot ship on Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, year-end and New Year holidays, Obon holidays, etc.
  • The products listed in the online shop share inventory with the actual store. In the event that an item is out of stock after an order has been placed, or if the delivery of the item is delayed due to a concentration of orders, we will contact you by email or telephone.
  • Delivery of products may be delayed due to weather and traffic conditions.
  • We do not accept orders for multiple delivery addresses for one order. If you have multiple destinations to send to, please place an order each time.
  • If you would like to place a large order for gifts or business purposes, please contact us by phone or via the contact form.
  • In the case of international shipping, we do not accept requests for delivery dates, time zones, etc. It will take about 2 weeks after shipping in order.

About the carrier

Within Japan: Yamato Transport

International shipping: EMS

  • Please note that we do not accept the designation of the delivery company.
  • It usually takes about 2 to 9 days from the time you place your order to the delivery in Japan, and about 2 weeks from the time you place your order overseas.
  • The storage period for packages at our sales offices is 7 days from the date of the first delivery.
  • Delivery may be delayed due to weather, traffic conditions, force majeure, etc.

about shipping cost

The following shipping charges (including tax) will be charged for each order. Thank you for your understanding.

Domestic delivery (Yamato Transport)

Hokkaido Hokkaido ¥ 2,030
Tohoku Aomori prefecture * Akita prefecture * Iwate prefecture * Miyagi prefecture * Yamagata prefecture * Fukushima prefecture ¥ 1,590
Kanto Ibaraki prefecture * Tochigi prefecture * Gunma prefecture * Saitama prefecture * Chiba prefecture * Kanagawa prefecture * Tokyo Metropolitan area * Yamanashi prefecture ¥ 1,370
Shinetsu Niigata Prefecture, Nagano Prefecture ¥ 1,370
Hokuriku Toyama Prefecture, Ishikawa Prefecture, Fukui Prefecture ¥ 1,150
Chubu Shizuoka Prefecture, Aichi Prefecture, Mie Prefecture, Gifu Prefecture ¥ 1,150
Kansai Osaka (metropolitan area), Kyoto (metropolitan area), Shiga prefecture, Nara prefecture, Wakayama prefecture, Hyogo prefecture ¥ 1,040
China Okayama prefecture, Hiroshima prefecture, Yamaguchi prefecture, Tottori prefecture, Shimane prefecture ¥ 930
Shikoku Kagawa Prefecture, Tokushima Prefecture, Ehime Prefecture, Kochi Prefecture ¥ 1,040
Kyushu Fukuoka prefecture * Saga prefecture * Nagasaki prefecture * Kumamoto prefecture * Oita prefecture * Miyazaki prefecture * Kagoshima prefecture ¥ 930
Okinawa Okinawa Prefecture ¥1,260
  • If you purchase over 30,000 yen including tax, the shipping fee will be free. (Limited to domestic delivery)

International shipping (EMS)

1st zone People's Republic of China/Taiwan ¥ 7,040
third zone United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, France, Canada, New Zealand ¥ 14,300
4th zone united states of america ¥ 18,810
  • Customs duties etc. may occur separately depending on each country.
  • Regarding shipping charges for overseas shipments, Japanese consumption tax (10%) will be levied due to the charges occurring in Japan.
  • We will ship by EMS. You can not specify the delivery company.
  • Regarding areas where delivery is not possible, we do not accept overseas delivery other than the target countries listed in the table. In addition, there are some areas where delivery is not possible even for the target countries listed in the table. We will check in advance and contact you if there is an order from an area that cannot be delivered.
  • The overseas shipping fee includes the packing work cost, packing material cost, etc.

Customs duties

Customs duties are not included in the total price at the time of settlement. We will ship the item under the terms of DDU (Duty Duty Unpaid). Depending on the destination country, customs duties and import taxes may occur during customs clearance. Please note that the tax amount will be determined at the time of customs clearance. Any customs duties or import taxes will be required to be paid by the customer upon receipt of the goods.

About non-delivery areas

  • We do not accept overseas deliveries to countries other than those listed in the overseas delivery table. In addition, there are some areas where delivery is not possible even for the target countries listed in the table. We will check in advance and contact you if there is an order from an area that cannot be delivered.
  • If your shipping address is geographically distant, such as certain remote islands or other isolated locations, delivery may not be possible. In that case, we will notify you before shipping. Our online shop reserves the right not to ship to territories prohibited by the applicable export method. We also cannot ship orders to PO Boxes or similar addresses.
  • For details on delivery to non-delivery areas, please inquire separately using the CONTACT form.