Nabeshima Gold Glazed Cherry-Blossom-pattern Square Perfume Bottle

Nabeshima Gold Glazed Cherry-Blossom-pattern Square Perfume Bottle

Nabeshima Kinsai Sakura-mon Square Perfume Bottle

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A collection of traditionally painted perfume bottles.

Each perfume bottle is fine-tuned one by one using advanced handwork techniques in order to improve the accuracy of sealing with the stopper. The richness of variation that various expressions create is attractive.

The painting is carefully and delicately painted one by one by hand-painting by craftsmen. The design incorporates the Nabeshima-style cherry blossom pattern. You can enjoy gorgeous traditional patterns by applying delicate painting.

"If the cherry blossoms bloom for a long time, the grain will be abundant" is a legend that dates back to before the Nara period. In Japan, cherry blossoms have long been popular among farmers as a very important tree. In the Heian period, aristocrats began to plant flowers in their gardens, and it became popular to hold parties under them while enjoying the flowers. In the past, when people thought of flowers, they thought of plum blossoms, but now they are referring to cherry blossoms.

Cherry blossoms also play an important role in the world of Noh, but they not only symbolize beauty and unhappiness, but also appear as a symbol of impermanence and sadness, or as a tree in which spirits reside. It is also said that samurai in the Sengoku period put cherry blossom patterns on their armor and helmets because of the gracefulness of the lovely flowers that suddenly fall.

*Comes with a porcelain funnel

  • W57 D57 H100 mm
65 mL
Special Box
  • When washing, please use a neutral detergent on a soft sponge, etc. and hand wash. Rubbing strongly with a cleanser or scrubbing brush may scratch the surface.
  • Please refrain from using the dishwasher as the abrasives and bleaching agents contained in the detergent may cause the overpainted color to come off.
  • Do not use gold or silver products in the microwave oven.
  • Do not use in open flames or ovens for all ceramic products.
  • Porcelain can be damaged by strong impact or sudden temperature changes. Do not use damaged products as they may cause injury.
  • Please use a mat or cloth on a table that is easily damaged.
  • To remove tea stains, hot water scale, and other stubborn stains, use kitchen bleach according to the prescribed method. Please do not use gold and silver decorations as they may cause discoloration.
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