Moist Celadon with Gold Crane-Shaped Covered Bowl

Moist Celadon with Gold Crane-Shaped Covered Bowl

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As the saying goes, "cranes live for 1000 years, turtles live for 10,000 years”, the crane and turtle is one of the motifs introduced from China, which is well known as a lucky charm, and has the meaning of perpetual youth and longevity.

The phrase "Crane lasts a thousand years” comes from the Chinese Han Dynasty (around 130 B.C.). It is said to have originated from a theory that says, "鶴寿千歳、以極其游、蜉蝣朝生暮死、尽其楽”

In addition to the fact that some turtles live longer than humans, turtles often appear in myths.

In China, there is a mountain called Mt. Horai where immortal hermits live, and it is said that the image of longevity and immortality was established because the hermit's messenger was a tortoise.

As a lid, it can be used as a container for delicacies or small items.


Moist is a newly developed expression technique unique to Hataman that applies the expression of Nabeshima celadon, one of the traditional techniques of Nabeshima ware. The moist, matte texture gives you an indescribably pleasant sensation that makes you want to touch it. The soft texture of the light green color is also attractive.

  • W77 D100 H43 mm
  • When washing, please use a neutral detergent on a soft sponge, etc. and hand wash. Rubbing strongly with a cleanser or scrubbing brush may scratch the surface.
  • Please refrain from using the dishwasher as the abrasives and bleaching agents contained in the detergent may cause the overpainted color to come off.
  • Do not use gold or silver products in the microwave oven.
  • Do not use in open flames or ovens for all ceramic products.
  • Porcelain can be damaged by strong impact or sudden temperature changes. Do not use damaged products as they may cause injury.
  • Please use a mat or cloth on a table that is easily damaged.
  • To remove tea stains, hot water scale, and other stubborn stains, use kitchen bleach according to the prescribed method. Please do not use gold and silver decorations as they may cause discoloration.
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