Crane Sake Immortality- Hermit-shaped Sake Bottle-Tokkuri

Crane Sake Immortality- Hermit-shaped Sake Bottle-Tokkuri

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It is a humorous masterpiece designed as a tokkuri (sake bottle) of an immortal hermit, who is said to live a long life and never grow old, holding a crane.

The sake that is poured from the bottom of the crane's mouth is sharp because it is poured along the mouth, so you don't have to worry about the sake dripping.

By using the swimming sake turtle flat cup, which is sold separately, as a set, it has the auspicious meaning of eternal youth and longevity.

As the saying goes, “cranes live for 1000 years, turtles live for 10,000 years”, in Japan, the crane and turtle have long been considered auspicious creatures that symbolize longevity. In ancient Chinese thought books from the Former Han Dynasty, it is recorded that there is a legend that cranes have a lifespan of 1,000 years and turtles have a lifespan of 10,000 years.

A set of auspicious sake cups to pray for longevity. It is also recommended as a gift for longevity celebrations such as 60th birthday and Kishou.

  • W117 D85 H130 mm
300 mL
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