Common description: Restaurant MAISON (Paris)

Restaurant MAISON (Paris)

One of the characteristics of traditional Nabeshima ware is that layers of underglazing and overglazing are layered to express a sense of depth, but this Restaurant MAISON series is a new expression of Nabeshima ware based on a uniquely developed technique. establish a method.

As a feature, only the layered painted part is glossy and the white porcelain part is matte, so the depth and three-dimensional effect of the painting, and the original texture of porcelain stand out, and the contrast of the light when holding the food. reflects very nicely.

As for the shape, the shape that curves outward from the expected center is calculated so that when you hold the dish, the sauce will gather in the center, and by narrowing the base slightly, the contrast of the shadow on the outside will be enhanced when the dish is placed. Designed to look beautiful.