Boy's Day Celebration


May dolls from Hataman Touen that you want to choose with all your heart for the first festival celebration

May 5th is "Tango no Sekku". It is also popular as "Children's Day", but it was originally one of the ancient Chinese seasonal events and five festivals. , it became a custom to pray for disaster.

The sword-like shape of the iris and its strong scent are said to ward off evil spirits. increase.

May dolls are dolls that are displayed at Boys' Festival, and there are various types such as armor decorations such as helmets and armor, children's dolls and Kintaro dolls. It is decorated with a wish for happiness.

At Hataman Touen, we continue to make porcelain May dolls while carefully passing on the history and traditional techniques of the Nabeshima clan kiln to the next generation.

It is an item that you will love and want to choose with all your heart for the celebration of the first festival.

"Kazari Kabuto" wishing for good health

"Kazari Kabuto" is one of the most popular festival decorations that prays for the healthy growth of children.
Kabuto, which is an important piece of equipment for protecting oneself, has a wish to protect precious children from accidents and illnesses.

Decorative helmet (with bow and sword)

Decorative helmet (with bow and sword)

decorative helmet

Tessen Uguisu Dark Mini Helmet

Innocent child's doll "Gosho Kabuto doll"

Gosho ningyo dolls, which have translucent white skin and rich flesh, have a long history since the Edo period and have been displayed at various celebrations such as births and marriages.

Gosho Kabuto Doll (Sitting / Standing / Lying)

The helmet worn by an innocent yet elegant child has a pattern of plum blossoms and blue sea waves and is filled with auspicious wishes. Hataman Touen's craftsmen put their brushes one by one into the dolls, creating lovely expressions with a deep expression.

May doll (with protective tiger)

The helmet worn by a child who is watched from both sides by guardian tigers is decorated with iris flowers, with the wish of warding off disasters.

"Carp streamers" wishing for success in life

The carp streamer is a seasonal festival that prays for success in life, to overcome hardships and become a splendid adult, inspired by the strong vitality of the carp streamer, and following the Chinese folklore "The carp that climbed the rapids of the Dragon Gate becomes a dragon" (Toryumon). It is one of the decorations.

carp streamer lid ornament

Hataman Touen craftsmen, who have inherited the sophisticated techniques of Imari Nabeshima ware, carefully painted each piece to create an incense case with a lid.

decoration accessories

At Hataman Touen, we also offer a large number of picture plates and small items that can be easily used as decorations for each season.

Helmet Octagonal plate

carp streamer porcelain frame