Restaurant MAISON (Paris)

Restaurant MAISON (Paris)

The Restaurant MAISON series is a collaboration series produced under the supervision of the restaurant "MAISON" led by Chef Sota Atsumi, who is active mainly in Paris, France.

Chef Atsumi says:

“For MAISON, which places importance on facing producers and seasonal ingredients, the existence of producers is the most important thing.
When I visited Hataman Touen, I felt the richness of the colors of Nabeshima ware, the history and techniques that have been cultivated, and the great potential of the future. And I felt that a new expression might be born. In addition, Hataman Touen's Nabeshima pottery techniques can be used to express the motif of antique botanical art, which is part of European culture. I thought it would be an art), so I proposed this series. ”

In this way, based on this idea, the Restaurant MAISON pottery project started with the motif of antique botanical art with a unique realism that has been described in detail.

Through repeated trial and error, I was able to create a method of expression that combines the realism of botanical art, which has been observed down to the smallest detail, and a sense of depth, which is expressed by simply summarizing information about Nabeshima ware and simplifying its characteristics.

One of the characteristics of traditional Nabeshima ware is that layers of underglazing and overglazing are layered to express a sense of depth. establishing a method.
As a feature, only the layered painted part is glossy and the white porcelain part is matte, giving the painting a sense of depth and three-dimensionality, and the original texture of porcelain. The last is reflected very beautifully.

As for the shape, the shape that curves outward from the expected center is calculated so that when you hold the dish, the sauce will gather in the center. Designed to look beautiful.

* Botanical means “of plants” or “derived from plants” in English, and pictures drawn in detail have existed as botanical art (botanical encyclopedias) for a long time.